Mom’s homemade buttermilk waffles

It’s no wonder where I get my baking gene. I woke up to my mom warming the waffle iron and pondering, “if I put the sugar back in the cupboard, it probably means I already added it to the batter, right?”

Jackson waits patiently in the corner for his walk, while my mom dances around the kitchen grabbing cups of flour and buttermilk from the fridge.

Like most things in my life, our maple syrup comes from Costco. I have no qualms about Costco, with it’s oversized boxes of cereal and monster bags of baby carrots. I even saw a cute guy there last week as I debated buying a tub of hummus the size of my head. I went with the pillow sized bag of Popchips.

But let’s focus on the waffles.

While the recipe is basically the same as making buttermilk pancakes, the waffle iron transform the exterior into a crispy shell. I like to cook them to the highest setting, which gives the best crunch with just a hint of chewiness from the interior web.

gratuitous syrup shot

You can find the recipe here. The main differences with this recipe versus a traditional waffle recipe are the cornstarch, which makes it crispy, and the whipped egg whites, which give lightness.

waffle schrapnel

gone in a flash

The best part about these waffles is that if you have leftovers, (big IF) you can store them in the freezer and reheat them in the toaster. They’re just as crispy and perfect as the day you made them! They’re also really great topped with savory things like roast chicken. I just get the whole birds from, big surprise, Costco and shred up the meat and top with bbq sauce. Perfection.

Jackson doesn’t understand why he can’t have a waffle


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