The Bent Spoon, Princeton, NJ

The women in my family are plagued by something we like to call the ‘ice cream attack’. (It’s highly contagious). Someone will mention a craving for a sundae, or a scoop of mint chocolate chip, or a chocolate & vanilla swirl with sprinkles, and the rest of us start salivating. Eyes dart back and forth, and before you know it, someone has a set of keys and we’re on our way to the store.  This happens more often then I’d like to admit.


When I was in middle school, such an attack occurred, and we all started racing to the garage only to find that there were no cars there.  My mom started cursing, realizing that my brother and father were out with the only two cars we had.  We were faced with two options: wait until they got home, or find another ride (this was pre-cell phone days, after all).

Naturally, we pulled out the phone book and started dialing.  We called our neighbors, family friends, coworkers, and church members.  However, not everyone thought that ice cream deprivation was an emergency.  We finally got so desperate that we called my brother’s high school girlfriend.  This poor seventeen year old girl was the answer to our prayers. She picked us up from twenty minutes away and drove us to Lily’s- the local ice cream parlor. We were relieved to finally get our ice cream cones, and she scored some serious brownie points with my mom. A win-win for everyone.

Traveling for ice cream is in my blood, you see. So when I made a trip to Princeton to visit my friend Kate, I knew that a stop at the The Bent Spoon was in order.  Founded in 2004 by New Jersey natives Gab Carbon & Matt Errico, The Bent Spoon is an amazing little ice cream shop in Palmer Square. Arguably the best in the state, you can feel good about digging into this artisan ice cream as they support local dairies and farms.  I always order a three-scooper, and with flavors like strawberry marscapone, fresh mint, chocolate-habanero, and rhubarb sorbet, you will definitely want to try as many as possible. Flavors change quickly based on what is available, but you can check their Twitter feed for the latest assortment.

On this visit, I went with dark chocolate, bourbon vanilla sea salt caramel, and Turkish coffee.  The dark chocolate was rich and creamy, the Turkish coffee had a nice hint of cardamom, and the thick swirls of sticky sea salt caramel in the bourbon vanilla transported me to ice cream heaven. I highly recommend checking out The Bent Spoon if you’re in New Jersey.  This one is definitely worth the drive.

The Bent Spoon
35 Palmer Square West
Princeton, NJ
*cash only


7 responses to “The Bent Spoon, Princeton, NJ

  1. The Bent Spoon is a great name for an ice cream joint. I have bent many a spoon in my formative years trying to prise stubborn ice cream out of the tub with a dessert spoon.

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